AV8.1 - London : Ian R Crane

AV8.1 - London : Sunday 8th Oct 2017


Ian R Crane

Is HUMANITY, as we know it, on the Brink of Mass Extinction?

Despite a reported Global Population of some 7 Billion, the Birth rate amongst the indigenous peoples of Europe is falling dramatically. Reduction in Male Sperm count and increasing gender fluidity amongst those under 40 are directly attributable to the volume of oestrogen in our water supply. Add this to the Technocratic Trans-humanist Agenda being openly pursued by the Ruling Parasites and it becomes difficult to see how Humanity (as we know it) can survive beyond the end of the Century!

However, rather than this being seen as a problem, Ian sees it as a tremendous opportunity for Man (& Woman) to rise to the challenge and step into their Sovereign Being.

The Ruling Parasites have unleashed 'Bio-Spiritual Warfare' upon the Human Race ... are WE (the collective 'WE'), going to rise to the challenge ... or sit back and watch our chuldren & grand-children be sucked into an irreversible Trans-humanist NIGHTMARE?


Ian R Crane speaking at AV7 in May 2016

Website: www.ianRcrane.com