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Alternative View Media has broadened the Alternative View range of productions. The original Alternative View Conference is still our flagship event. We also offer live stream broadcasts, mini live events and coming soon, podcasts and interviews. We are constantly looking to grow and improve and get more information out to an awakening and informed audience.

The Alternative View Conference

The Alternative View Conference is the brainchild of the late deep geopolitical researcher Ian R Crane. The conferences bring together inspirational, informed and enlightened speakers to present to an inquisitive and informed audience with the goal of stimulating conversation, debate and high-minded thinking.

The conferences come as one day events and full weekend events and provide ample time and opportunity for attendees to be around and chat with like minded people. Together we can help each other evolve which was Ian's vision and quest.

The Alternative View Special

Our special events focus more closely on a particar subject or area. The event speakers will present different but complimentary information which will link together to give a better understanding of the subject of the day. These events may cover topics such as 5G, weather modification, UFOs and extra terrestrials and hidden history and will always be on point with the event title and theme. The Alternative View 5G Special is the first special event and is taking place in March 2025.

The Alternative View Presents

A smaller more intimate event with one or two speakers offering the opportunity to interact and ask questions. Sometimes a talk, sometimes a workshop but always informative and interesting. We aim to vary the locations and venues where events are held to offer variety and allow more people to enjoy the AV experience.

The Alternative View Live Stream

Our live stream broadcasts offer an easy and accessible alternative to the full Alternative View Conference experience. As live streaming is a fast and flexible medium it allows us to easily connect with speakers from around the world. We can also quickly arrange and deliver an event in response to topical subjects and unfolding world events. Viewers can watch from the comfort of home or on mobile devices from practically anywhere with an internet connection as increasingly more people do.

The Alternative View In Conservation

++ Starting Summer 2024 ++

The AV In Conversation podcast will allow us to explore our guests work to a deeper level. More of a discussion than an interview so we can examine subjects in a deeper way and explore the mind of the guest in a free flowing format which offers freedom of discussion and thought.

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