Please support Ian's ongoing campaign to raise awareness of, & CHALLENGE, the Globalist rush towards 'Rampant Corportatism' ... if this inhuman agenda continues unabated, WE will be condemning future generations to lives of unimaginable abject misery.

Dr Graham Downing; Patrick Henningsen; Brian Gerrish; Alex Thomson; Ian R Crane

Venue : Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cromwell Road, Kensington, London SW7 4ER

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There is an inherent conflict between what is referred to as 'Economic Freedom' and Social/Political liberty. Complete freedom for Global Corporatist billionaires means poverty, insecurity, pollution and collapsing public services for everyone else. As there is little prospect of the general population embracing societal meltdown, it can be delivered only by stealth, deception and authoritarian control. The choice we face is between rampant Corporatism and democracy. You cannot have both.

The prevailing political philosophy is a prescription for totalitarian capitalism; which is well on the way to being implemented. However, one of the first rules of conflict (& politics) is, KNOW YOUR ENEMY. Which is precisely why there is still NO FRACKING in the UK, why there is rapidly growing awareness and opposition to the roll-out of 5G ... increasing rejection of Big Pharma & Vaccination ... a call for genuine Localism ... and a greater determination for Teresa May to deliver BREXIT!

AV10 Conference (10-13th May 2019)

Free Parking or Complimentary Taxi Shuttle (Upon Request) between MK Train Station & Conference Venue 


Please call 0207 558 8869  or 0779 151 8740

Horwood House Hotel

Nr Milton Keynes MK17 0PH

(20mins from M1 - 20mins from M40)

Fri 10th to Mon 13th May 2019

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"The speakers and the audience represent almost every demographic imaginable. People from all parts of the social spectrum, almost every political persuasion and varying religious and philosophical viewpoints will come together at AV10, united in their knowledge that ‘something isn’t right.' - Ian R Crane

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AV9 Conference Schedule

Alternative View Conferences are the only events of this genre where ALL participants are under the same roof for the duration of the event; and where all the speakers are available for informal conversation throughout the event. 

The Venue : Horwood House is a truly stunning venue located approximately 10 miles from Milton Keynes and is no more than 20mins from both the M1 & M40. Parking is FREE at the venue and a COMPLIMENTARY SHUTTLE SERVICE is provided between Milton Keynes Train & Bus Stations on Friday, Monday & Tuesday, for those traveling by Public Transport.

Networking and Sharing are incredibly important elements of the AV experience. Consequently, ample opportunity is provided for informal discussion. There is a minimum of a 30min Tea/Coffee break between every presentation.

Some highlights from AV9 ... 

Gateshead Resident Mark Steele appeared episode #103 of 'HUMANITY vs INSANITY' to discuss the relationship between the planned 2020 roll-out of the 5G telecom system and the culling of trees throughout the UK. At AV9 Mark expanded upon his concerns that ALL LIFE will be threatened by the microwave frequencies of 5G ... making the risks associated with FRACKING, seem almost inconsequential.

Nashvillle resident, Jay Dyer made his AV & UK debut at AV9, to present his insights into 'Esoteric Hollywood' and the role of movies in preparing Humanity for the rapidly advancing Post-Human world of Artificial Intelligence & Trans-Humanism.

Also making his UK debut at AV9, the energetic, insightful, irreverent & highly entertaining Californian, Benny Wills. Benny challenged the AV9 audience to Be BOLD ... Be the CHANGE ... & Laugh in the Face of Evil!

David Noakes presented 'Big PHARMA & the CANCER SCAM' at AV6, holding the audience in a state of deep shock as he described how the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Authority), had destroyed his GcMaf manufacturing facility in Cambridge, England; whilst freezing his Business & Personal Bank Accounts. At AV9, Ian R Crane presented the continuing persecution by the State & Big Pharma & the address the legality of continued State suppression of effective Cancer treatments.

Terry Boardman last graced the AV stage back in 2009 at AV3; at AV9 Terry shared his insights into the Challenges & Opportunities arising from 'Life after BREXIT'

John Wedger : for the past decade, Jon has been at the forefront of a campaign by Officers within the Metropolitan Police, to address Establishment Child Abuse within Central & Greater London. Thwarted at every level of both the Police & Central Government, & treated as a pariah within the Police 'Service', John has now been 'retired' from the ranks of the Metropolitan Police ... and continues with his campaign to expose systemic Abuse within the UK Child 'Care' System. We were delighted that Jon agreed to share his uniqie insights and take the stage at AV9.
Former GCHQ Analyst, Alex Thomsonwell known to regular viewers of UK Column, made his AV debut at AV9, Alex shared his insights into the cyclical nature of Evil in our history in a talk titled, 'INVENTORS OF EVIL THINGS : Exposing those who see the World as their Fiefdom and Humanity as Livestock.'

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Over the past 8 years more than 2,500 people have participated in The AV Experience ...

and are now working to bring about the Changes WE ALL KNOW we need to see!

"I've spoken at many conferences around the world ... but none compare to AV" - Max Igan