Johan Oldenkamp

Johan Oldenkamp

Sunday 26th May 4.30pm

The Giza Star Clock and the Transition of the Ages

In addition to the three larger pyramids, there were in total also eight smaller pyramids on the Giza plateau in Ancient Egypt. To many, it is clear that the three three larger pyramids refer to Orion’s Belt. These three pyramids were built below on the surface of our home planet, just as these three stars are above in the sky (“As Above, So Below”).

The upper two stars of this “belt” in the middle of the star constellation of Orion are aligned with Sirius, also known as the Dog Star. Being the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius is the front (and alpha) star of the constellation of the Greater Dog (or Canis Major in Latin).

In 2011, Johan Oldenkamp discovered that the eleven Giza pyramids together with the Great Sphinx represent the third dimension of our time, which was named the Great Year by Plato. This discovery, he named the Clock of Giza.

In his AV14 presentation, Dr. Oldenkamp will show how overall human consciousness is affected by the Great Year cycle of Sirius, causing humanity to ride the Wave of the Ages, from Golden via Silver and Bronze to Iron and back.



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