The Alternative View Presents Thomas Sheridan

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Date: Sunday 20th October 2024 | Doors Open: 10.15am

Starts: 11.00am - Lunch Break: 12.45pm-2.00pm - Ends: 4.15pm

Location: The Assembly Rooms, High Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9DU

Join us in Glastonbury for The Alternative View Presents Thomas Sheridan with special guest Maria Wheatley

This is your opportunity to get up close and personal with the speakers with plenty of opportunity for questions and chat.

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Thomas Sheridan and Maria Wheatley

The Magical Landscapes of these Sacred Islands Unleashed
“Among the Ancient Sites the Magic is Still Waiting for Us All...”

In this joint presentation, Thomas and Maria will each give their own individual take on the—mostly—untapped personal, cultural, and spiritual potential of the ancient landscapes and sites that surround us. Places and experiences that hold a far deeper, personal and collective meaning to our lives than we often realise. How we can tap into this priceless legacy. So as to better understand ourselves and our place in the world in very powerful ways. We are presented with a lexicon of arcane and hidden mysteries within the landscape that are expressed in everything from folklore to historical mysteries. All of us are—at some level—the product of this legacy, and in this age of confusion and bewilderment, they can also present us with tools to survive the changing cycles of consciousness and the cosmos. The portals are waiting to be opened.

Maria Wheatley

Sunday 20th October 2024
11.00am - 12.45pm

Maria Wheatley is a Master Dowser, author, tour guide and tutor. She has explored and dowsed sixteen different countries and is the foremost authority on the ‘geodetic system of earth energies.’ In 2015, Maria discovered the elongated skulled people of Stonehenge and has thoroughly researched this long-lost civilisation. Her photographic evidence shows there were two types of longheaded people and points out their curious physiological appearance may be the genesis of several legends of the fey.

Ancient DNA shows that during the Bronze Age (2,500 BC) the very tall (some people call giants) Beaker people redesigned or destroyed numerous longheaded monuments. She demonstrates why megalithic sites are associated with sacred geometry, mathematical ratios and musical harmonics and reveals that the prehistoric magicians and shamans used the pentacle symbol because it is born of music – sound.

Maria has spent many years looking into ancient agricultural practices with mounting evidence that they were planting upon particular earth energies whilst avoiding others that are ‘toxic’. Her outstanding astronomical discoveries at several sites point to a lunar based matriarchal society and she has the answer as to why the megalithic culture came to an abrupt end – it coincided with an exceptionally rare lunar and geological event.

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Thomas Sheridan

Sunday 20th October 2024
2.00pm - 4.15pm

Thomas Sheridan is an Author, filmmaker, Alternative Folklorist, and Satirist who has spent a life from Wall Street to the Jungles of South Asia attempting to discover the emerging—often elusive—mythology of modern humans within the present technology-saturated era.

Heavily inspired by the work of Carl Jung, Bruno Bettelheim, and Joseph Campbell, Thomas Sheridan has developed ‘Monomythic’ tool kits—which draw upon all the mythologies of the world. To demonstrate that on a personal and collective level; these legends and stories contain within them a subconscious lexicon of wisdom and symbols that can help all of us overcome the personal and greater challenges we encounter in everyday life. By not giving birth and nurturing these timeless archetypes within us all, modern humans are at a loss when it comes to achieving personal and social Individuation. Or a rounding out of one’s purpose in life. Their dharma. Their Monomyth. Inside all of us reside a wizard, a warrior, a bard, and a knight and by tapping into the power of these archetypes one can have a more fulfilling and creative life.

Every challenge is a quest. Every situation is a saga. Every moment is an adventure. Shifts in culture and society are driven from the ground up. As the further we look to the past, and the deeper we ponder the mysterious, the clearer we see into ourselves..

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