Lucy Wyatt

Lucy Wyatt

A Journey Through the Duat

From the Covid con to the climate 'crisis', how ancient wisdom can help us with C21st challenges

For a long time humanity has been in the grip of a Death Cult. This Death Cult attempts to control us through a mind virus with a powerful epicentre in the West that tries to spread its tentacles around the world through 'Western values' and Western 'science'. People blame Bankers and secret societies, but this Death Cult is about more than power and wealth.

The mind virus started to get out of hand after the fall of Egypt over 2,000 years ago. Before that, the ancient Egyptians had known the techniques for safely navigating the dangers. If we want to reach the Field of Reeds, the destiny of the journey through the Duat, with our psyches intact we would do well to listen to the voices of the ancient past.

The ancient Gnostics identified the virus as it manifested in the form of Early Christianity and had some advice for us. And then for the last 500 years or so it has twisted our understanding of science. Even science that we take for granted like the second law of thermodynamics (aka entropy) may have been part of another agenda.

Now it is more critical than ever that we gain insight into the extent of the brainwashing we have been exposed to. If we want solutions we need to understand the problems. People are starting to wake up and the mind virus is coming under increasing attack. The battle lines are intensifying. The Death Cult is not disappearing without a fight. So, the more we know about the playbook and its historical background, the easier it will be for us to survive and thrive, knowing that there is a more positive alternative to the Cult of Death.




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