Ian Simpson

Ian Simpson

Invisible Sky - How Climate Engineering is Hacking Humanity as Well as Our Weather

Ian Simpson woke up in April 2013 and almost immediately realised that what he saw happening in our skies was very serious and had to be exposed.

By the end of 2013 he had launched Look-up.org.uk to publish the work he was doing. Over a 5 year period he made some groundbreaking discoveries about the global weather modification programs including details about how the globalists had managed to create a global distribution network, the equipment used to spray the chemicals, the nanotechnology involved in one of the programs but also, and possibly most importantly, why they were doing this. Climate Engineering is not just about the weather, it is hacking humanity and plays a fundamental role in enabling the rest of their agenda to enslave us.

Having attended and spoken at many Climate Engineering events in the UK and Germany and interviewed some of the most prominent scientists in this field, Ian is one of the leading researcher/investigators in this topic.

He takes us on a detailed journey through the subject, leaving no stone unturned.




The Alternative View Conference 14
Riding the Wave

The Leonardo Hotel Milton Keynes - Sunday 26th May 2024

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