Ken O'Keefe


The Unfolding Geopolitical Agenda


Ken O'Keefe

Understanding that events are moving so fast it becomes impossible to commit to speech topics that may or may not be relevant on the day of the event, thus Ken O’Keefe will discuss the latest developments in the agenda of the powers that be to instigate World War III.  This agenda all too ironically provides many opportunities for men and women of conscience to exploit in the interest of sanity, justice and ultimately peace; rest assured this will be Ken’s focus. 


Ken O’Keefe’s original marine conservation work has been somewhat overshadowed by his non-violent but fully confrontational work for human rights. An ex-US marine and Gulf War Veteran who has formally renounced his US citizenship (2001), O’ Keefe’s activities to date include:

• Founder of Human Shield Action to Iraq (2003) • Served as captain on first Free Gaza Mission (2008)

• Survivor of Israeli attack on Mavi Marmara (2010)

• Social Enterprise Managing Director of Aloha Palestine CIC and the Samouni Project.

• Published author and lecturer O’ Keefe now holds Irish, Hawaiian and Palestinian citizenship but his ultimate allegiance is to his "entire human family” and “Planet Earth".

Ken's style of activism is characterised by his involvement in disarming two Israeli commandos as nine of his fellow Mavi Marmara passengers were executed. The Israeli military later claimed O’Keefe was a "terrorist operative of Hamas".

Ken has stated repeatedly that Israeli Mossad and its assets, along with traitorous elements within the US, are directly responsible for the “false flag” 9/11 attacks.