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Georgia Pouliquen - Gilets Jaune : 18 Months On

Is France Now the First Silent Dictatorship in the EU?

Under Macron’s government, french people have been suffering since 2017 brutal reforms without consultation which destroy, day after day, hard won social gains and public services, while they endure an incredible burden tax increase. But the worst is hidden from view of international community.

For 16 months, a lot of citizens, wearing proudly a yellow vest, peacefully demonstrate against these reforms and the only response of government is a bloody police repression. It caused several deaths and thousands of severe injuries, which include 26 shots of rubber bullets that put an eye out, 5 ripped off hands, 325 head trauma. And nobody knows about that outside France.

Now to demonstrate against pension reform, every trades go on strike and progressively join yellow vests like railroad employees, attorneys, firefighters and also endure police repression. A firefighter lost an eye one month ago. President Macron took control of parliament members, police and justice. French opponents, activists and yellow vests are judiciary persecuted.

The silence of international community is deafening. Silent dictatorship? Will you hear our cries of pain?

French former military, member of gendarmerie nationale, former lawyer for government and courts of justice, now independent journalist, writer and activist against abuses of justice and police.