The Alternative View presents Thomas Sheridan

Thomas Sheridan and Maria Wheatley

The Magical Landscapes of these Sacred Islands Unleashed

The Assembly Rooms Glastonbury - Sunday 20th October 2024

Thomas Sheridan

In this joint presentation, Thomas and Maria will each give their own individual take on the—mostly—untapped personal, cultural, and spiritual potential of the ancient landscapes and sites that surround us. Places and experiences that hold a far deeper, personal and collective meaning to our lives than we often realise. How we can tap into this priceless legacy. So as to better understand ourselves and our place in the world in very powerful ways. We are presented with a lexicon of arcane and hidden mysteries within the landscape that are expressed in everything from folklore to historical mysteries. All of us are—at some level—the product of this legacy, and in this age of confusion and bewilderment, they can also present us with tools to survive the changing cycles of consciousness and the cosmos.

The portals are waiting to be opened.

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Maria Wheatley

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The Alternative View Conference 14

The Alternative View Conference 14
Riding the Wave

Recorded in Milton Keynes UK - Sunday 26th May 2024

A big thank you to everyone who attended the recent AV14 Conference. On the day we had some fantastic presentations and heard some very interesting information.

The presentation recordings are below. If you attended the event you will have been sent an email with details of how to watch. If you did not receive the email please check your spam folder. If it's not in there please get in touch with us and we will send you your access code.

If you are intending to come along we look forward to seeing you at The Alternative View Presents Thomas Sheridan at The Assembley Rooms Glastonbury in October. Keep checking our website and stay subscribed to our newsletter to keep updated with the events we have planned.

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Thomas Sheridan

The Alternative View Presents
Thomas Sheridan

The Assembly Rooms Glastonbury - Sunday 20th October 2024

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