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We are a small but inspired group dedicated to continuing the work of the late Ian R Crane and his vision of bringing together like-minded people to share views and information the mainstream would rather you didn't have. Through the mediums of live stream online broadcasts and live event gatherings we continue Ian's passion of discovering the truth about the realm we inhabit and the experience of reality we all share.

Primarily known for The Alternative View Conference we continually seek to grow, expand and improve our productions. We believe a shift in humanity is occurring and aim to bring alternative views and hard to find knowledge to the awakening and inquiring mind.

Join us on this journey. You are all most welcome.

++ AV Events In 2024 ++

The Alternative View Presents

Sunday 20th October - The Assembly Rooms Glastonbury

Thomas Sheridan plus Special Guest Maria Wheatley

Thomas Sheridan

In this joint presentation, Thomas and Maria will each give their own individual take on the—mostly—untapped personal, cultural, and spiritual potential of the ancient landscapes and sites that surround us. Places and experiences that hold a far deeper, personal and collective meaning to our lives than we often realise. How we can tap into this priceless legacy. So as to better understand ourselves and our place in the world in very powerful ways. More...

Event hosted by Gary Fraughen.

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Maria Wheatley

++ AV Events In 2025 ++

The Alternative View 5G Special

Sunday 9th March 2025 - South Wales

John Kitson - Claire Edwards - Mark Steel

Each speaker will be focusing on a different aspect of 5G and associated subjects.

Event hosted by Gary Fraughen.

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++ Latest Presentations ++

The Alternative View Conference 14

The Alternative View Conference 14
Riding the Wave

Recorded in Milton Keynes UK - Sunday 26th May 2024

The title of AV14 was inspired from the idea that energetic changes are happening in our galaxy and the possibility that waves of an electro-magnetic, spiritual or consciousness nature are starting to hit the Earth. Such waves may offer the opportunity for mankind to partake in an awakening and to see beyond the veil. If we learn to ride the wave and embrace it we have the chance for a better future. Of course this would not be welcomed by the ruling classes and their attempts to shut it down would require them to upgrade their control systems using orchestrated chaos. Much like the chaos we see almost daily now.

The AV14 speakers delivered some fascinating information that further helps us piece together who we are, where we are, what we are doing and where we are going. This is essential viewing for the enquiring mind.

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Thomas Sheridan

The Alternative View Presents
Thomas Sheridan

The Assembly Rooms Glastonbury - Sunday 20th October 2024

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A Thank You to the UK Column

We would like to express our thanks and gratitude for the ongoing support of the UK Column. Brian, Mike and the team. We fully appreciate your efforts in keeping Ian R Crane's beloved project alive. Thank you.

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