Willem Felderhof - AV7

The Toxic War on Humanity and upon Mother Earth

Seeing the Light  & Awakening the Inner Warrior. 

A talk from the heart.

Willem Felderhof


Former commercial airline captain and whistleblower Willem Felderhof will speak about his own life experiences and his motivation to become a whistleblower.

Forced  to accept responsibility as a direct result of the life threatening deterioration of his health as a result of the exposure to toxic air in the planes while flying as a commercal pilot, Willem will discuss the dynamics and mechanisms he experienced in the corporate sector while blowing the whistle over toxic air syndrome. An experience which served as a learning metaphor for the current situation faced by Humanity in the 21st Century.

As a former airline pilot Willem has a special interest in Geo engineering and Weather Modification programs.

Willem will address the enormous opportunities to heal Humanity and Mother Earth by facing the dark powers with the eye of our inner warrior.

Reconnection with Mother Earth and the tribal spirit that lives in all of us by opening our hearts will allow us to address our higher levels of consciousness and potentials.

Besides addressing the different forms of attack on our health and the problems we face, Willem offers solutions and ways to protect your self against these insidious attacks.

Willem will present the propostion that we can use the ever-increasing insanity thrown on Humanity, as useful tools to detach ourselves from the left-brain, fear based, and fragmented illusions and come to the full realization of who we really are ... and accept our responsibility for striving to free Humanity from the clutches of the sociopathic ruling Parasites.