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14/16th May 2016 - Horwood House, Nr Milton Keynes

AVAmerica - Portland, Oregon : April 23/24, 2016

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Zen Gardner | Thomas Sheridan | Simon Welsh | Samantha Bachman | Pippa King

Patrick Henningsen | Olga Raffa | Max Igan | Ken O'Keefe |

Ian R Crane | Dr Graham Downing | David Noakes | Brian Gerrish

AV6 - The People Got The Power

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Big Pharma & the Cancer Scam

"You are nothing more than a Revenue Stream!"

David Noakes

DNA Codes Under Attack

The Vaccination Agenda

Dr Graham Downing


Don't let the B******* Get You Down 

Let's Bring THEM Down ... Peacefully!!

Ian R Crane


The Unfolding Geopolitical Agenda


Ken O'Keefe

Conspiracy Misdirection

Replacing the MEME with REALITY

Max Igan


Clouds of Deception

Weather Modification and the public push back on Geoengineering.

Olga Raffa


How the West was Won (AGAIN!)

Reclaiming rights and freedoms in police state


Patrick Henningsen

Sleepwalking into a Surveillance State

Biometrics, RFID, Big Data & the 'Internet of Things'

Pippa King

How a Human 'Crop Circle' Changed my Path in Life

Exploring the LIVING FIELD

Samantha Rayn Bachman Ph.D



Banana in the Mirror

Social Media - The Good, the Bad ... and the downright Ugly!

Simon Welsh

Ragnarök, the Digital Djinn & the Water of Life

From Awakening to Empowerment

Activating the Warrior Within

Zen Gardner

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