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 AV7 16xDVD Box Sets

(Target Shipping Date : 4th July 2016)

AV7 Review by Patrick Henningsen

AV8 Conference

19th to 22nd May 2017


Please call 0207 558 8869  or  0779 151 8740


AV8 - Horwood House, Nr Milton Keynes, MK17 0PH

Who spoke at AV7?

Top Row : Field McConnell | Dr Graham Downing | Vanessa Beeley | Michael Shrimpton | Max Igan

Middle Row : Thomas Sheridan | Zen Gardner | Willem Felderhof

Bottom Row : Patrick Henningsen | Ian R Crane | Anthony Carlin | James Gordon Graham | Holly Paige

NOTE: Dr Graham Downing delivered TWO crucial presentations at AV7

Over the past 7 years more than 1,000 people have participated in The AV Experience ...

and are now working to bring about the Changes WE ALL KNOW we need to see!

"I've spoken at many conferences around the world ... but none compare to AV" - Max Igan

"AV events are a truly unique experience" - Zen Gardner

See previous AV presentations on the Alternative View YouTube Channel



Vanessa Beeley

The Null Hypothesis

There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.

Dr Graham Downing


The EU 'Hokey Cokey'

IN or OUT ... either way EU're Screwed!

Ian R Crane

Takedown ...

Michael Shrimpton

Decoding the Matrix -

Creating a New Reality

Max Igan

Hillary Clinton’s

Connection To 9/11 ... Revealed!

Field McConnell


Consensus Reality
Mind Control Through The New Media

Patrick Henningsen

The Toxic War on Humanity and upon Mother Earth

Seeing the Light  & Awakening the Inner Warrior. 

Willem Felderhof



The Lords of Perception ...

and their Psychopathic Control Grid


Rise like Lions after slumber;

In unvanquishable number;


Zen Gardner


Neuro-Active Food


Holly Paige

Never Book a Judge By His Cover

JAILED ... for PROVING the Mortgage Fraud!

Anthony Carlin


Tax Havens ... and the Secret Multidimensional

Knowledge of the Ruling Parasites

James Gordon Graham

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