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The Alternative View Update from Brian Gerrish April 2022
Dear Alternative View Supporters,
I hope this message finds you well and coping in these challenging times. I would like to use this newsletter to update you as to the future of the fantastic project that Ian started and where it is going.
My message comes in two parts below.
Ian R Crane has left us for a 'Big Adventure'
Firstly, as you probably already know, sadly Ian Crane passed away on 25 February 2021 after a long battle with cancer. He never made a big issue about this, and was a stalwart who fought until the very end, when he was happy to tell those close to him, that he was ready for the next big adventure.
Before Ian departed for his new adventure however, he asked Mike Robinson and myself, Brian Gerrish, of UK Column news, if we would work with his trusted AV core team of Lisa, Matt, John, Kyle, and their helpers, to ensure that The Alternative View continued into the future. He wanted this to happen because he believed that he had created something which had helped spread facts, evidence, information, analysis and much good companionship, laughter and happiness amongst a great many people. And he felt that that was something worth keeping alive. He also acknowledged that he was only able to do all this, with the tremendous support that the AV supporters have given him and his team over many years. So on his behalf, a very big thank you to all you loyal Alternative Viewers - you are wonderful people.  
Today therefore, it falls to me to thank Ian for his immense foresight, enthusiasm and persistence in keeping AV going, and bringing us to a point where AV can continue into 2022 and beyond.
AV Stepping Stone event for 2022
The second part of my message is good news. Just as Ian asked, the AV team has assembled, chatted, discussed, planned and stepped up to the mark.
The new Alternative View team are ready to take the project forward and keep his memory and passion alive. The project is now called Alternative View Events with The Alternative View Conference being one part of the project. Ian's daughter Nicola will be the Crane family representative and aim to keep her dad's memory and work very much alive. Myself, Brian Gerrish, will still be the MC for the events both virtual and live if and when we can return to the hotel format.
We are working to deliver a first ’stepping stone’ AV event, which we will deliver as a one day live-streamed event. Much as we would like to get going at a wonderful venue where we can all meet in person and enjoy the ambiance, the new team is not quite ready for that. It is something they are passionate to return to and feel a stepping stone stone livestream event would relaunch The Alternative View Conference back on the path to the hotel format much loved by AV delegates.
We plan to hold the one day livestream event in late June/early July 2022 but that is subject to change. Preparations are underway and more details will be released shortly. Please be patient with us as we do our very best in our new roles and tasks, to create an AV event to ultimately kick start bigger things. We will be in regular contact from here on so stay subscribed to keep updated.
In addition to the stepping-stone AV event we are also looking at other initiatives which we believe that you will all appreciate and enjoy. Ideas include for example, a more regular live-streamed ‘AV Light', where a selected speaker is given the opportunity to deliver a much longer talk then they might be able to give in a full conference event. We hope to produce these segments at a regular interval throughout the year, bringing us all together more frequently, and helping sustain and grow the AV community. It will also allow us to better keep up to date as events unfold.
We ask at the moment that you all watch out for the updates we will send out by email, and very much hope that you will engage with The Alternative View as soon as we launch the first event in full detail.
I will end by asking what would Ian R Crane be saying to us now? I think he would be saying with some fairly forceful language …
”Don’t stand there looking for me, you all know what to do, just get on and do it!’ 
He would be right of course. So here we go - into first gear, let out the clutch, handbrake off and hang on for the ride.
Strap in … Chin up ... The Alternative View is burning rubber on the road for 2022.
Kind Regards,
Brian Gerrish
Alternative View Events

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