Gary Fraughen

AI in the Electrical Aether the Fifth Element and Quintessence of Our Reality

Gary believes Humanity has shifted and Humans exist now as two groups; those of us who are aware and those who are not. Those in the former group who stood their ground against the forced medical interventions have realised there is so much more to our existence. Gary will explore Frequency, energy and vibration which is everything in our surroundings and the power that is present within us, and from us.

Gary will explore what power is in its most basic form and show a new perspective on the energy beings we are and, more importantly what we are truly capable of. Tesla with 3, 6 and 9 is the start to so many reveals kept from the public and his presentation as usual in his talks with the Alternative View will cover ground breaking finds new to many of us.

As beings of power does that make us appealing to a predatory artificial life force that coverts what we are and could become?

Let Gary take you in to that possibility at AV13.

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