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End of an Era Jigsaw: Assembling the Alternative View pieces for 2023

Alternative View has provided a wonderful live conference venue over many years for people to meet, socialise, chat, challenge, listen, learn, share information, make friends and have a good time. This years event is very special because it is the first time that AV has reconvened live since the dark days of the COVID-19 scamdemic and its associated lock-down. It is also special for me because I will be able to welcome in Gary Fraughen as the new AV host. Gary has given many excellent presentations as an AV speaker and he will no doubt feel proud to take on the lead batten from our dear Ian R Crane - the man who stood up to be counted and who started it all.

Where will my End of an Era Jigsaw take me? I will revisit the spectrum of my AV presentations to date to let hindsight show what was right and what was wrong. Do the pieces of my earlier AV jigsaws make a worthwhile picture of our present 2023 clown world? Do my thoughts and research to date hold true? I think I’m in with a good chance. Join me for AV13 and find out.

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