Artwork and Images

Whether it is creating graphics for our own event or sharing images we've been given or have permission to use a lot of imagery that comes our way. On this page we would like to share some of that work for you to enjoy.

Smart Cities Live Stream

English artist Ned Pamphilon created these four pieces while watching the recent AV Smart Cities live stream. We think he's done a wonderful job and are sure you will enjoy them.

Bloke in a Field - In Memory of Ian R Crane

Ex oil company executive Ian R. Crane gave up his conventional career to be a political activist living in a caravan. He produced daily videos, infamously 'broadcasting' from a field, sometimes in his car or occasionally on location, for example outside a court building. At least 84 of these broadcasts were chronicled in artworks by English artist Ned Pamphilon titled 'Bloke In A Field'. Satire and cartoon have long been tools for social and political awareness and the dissemination of ideas and information. We present and share these visual memories which capture a brief period in time of Ian's life, his acute observations, wit, humour and commitment to his activism and projects.