Putting a Stopper in the Bottle of Death

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Introducing Gray Fraughen's long awaited book exposing the language that has been hijacked by the Vatican (amongst others) to develop and maintain the dystopian Control Agenda since shortly after the fall of the Roman Empire in 476AD.

Book Preface


It’s Just a Ride– Bill Hicks

Chapter 1 - Spells

Chapter 2 - 7300 Phonic Languages

Chapter 3 - Occult Banking Terms and Water

Chapter 4 - Etymology and Spells

Chapter 5 - Sign and Sight Language

Chapter 6 - What is Lawful and Legal

Chapter 7 - The Birth Certificate

Chapter 8 - Certificate of Live Birth

Chapter 9 - Clothing and Markings as a Language

Chapter 10 - Music and Miss Marple

Chapter 11 - The Police, Pirates and Corporate Cheesemakers

Chapter 12 - The Courts and Hidden Actors

Chapter 13 - Ceremonies and Events

Chapter 14 - Secret Language and Society’s

Chapter 15 - Fun with Flags

Chapter 16 - Numeracy as a language

Chapter 17 - Cartoons, Micky Mouse and Maps

Chapter 18 - Books, Letters and Post

Chapter 19 - Ice, Death and the Church

Chapter 20 - Money and your Soul

Chapter 21 - Architecture to paedophilia

Chapter 22 - Conclusion
Sample of Book

Chapter 1 - Spells
As we pass through this book, I will explain the basics of many, many things of magic but you will have to put in some effort. Like a gladiator, I want to entertain, yet many things written are so serious in nature that you will need to look up things when I ask you to. As when visiting the doctor, you will have to do your bit too! This occult medication comes with exercise. So, before you continue reading, go find the following:

Your Passport
Your Birth Certificate
A Utility Bill

Off you go…………………………. right now, go get them…………………… it may take ten minutes or so to find them! I bet you have never bought a book before that told you to put it down, so there is always a first with everything. Seek and you shall find. Do you have them?

Now what do you notice about them?

Look carefully.

Anything peculiar about your name?

I am going to do this a few times ………………… so stop messing about ………. go get them and this time look carefully at your name?

My name is gary fraughen and it is written that way on this book’s cover.

But on all three of these documents my name is GARY FRAUGHEN

Sometimes Mr
Other times Messer
Occasionally Esq

But always upper case, ever wondered why? Does it mean nothing to you? Well it should.

What if I were to say it is a spell.

A spell of spelling you have never seen, not a dry spell (weather) or a short spell (time) but a deception like no other. A thing unnoticed, so bewitched and overlooked, an intimate representation so right in front of you, it is unnoticed. A beguiled declaration of your name, enchanted so well, you overlook it throughout your life; from womb to tomb and you never see the sorcery.

Any official document you receive from your bank, credit card, driving license, passport and even birth certificate are all in capital letters. There is not one official document in your possession where your name is lower case. The same is on your gravestone, always in capital letters never lowercase. Did you know if you are married you have been through a horse breeding ceremony, the music you listen to has hidden tones, messages and the clothes you wear demonstrate you are a slave, and even the maps you use are a fiction? I will show you why governments, the church and the law do this, why to them the earth is flat, you are dead, and we are all April Fool’s.

I am going to spell things out to you, things that most people never see. Within these pages we will break some spells, words, sounds, signs and sights; some will be fun, interesting, even charming but some will show such frightening implications that you will never see the world the same again.

So, let us start our little journey,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just you and me,,,,,,,,,,,,, in what time you can spare,,,,,,,,,,,,,, here and there.

Once you see a thing hidden, you forever see it.

Swan or squirrel

Swan or Squirrel