Max Igan - AV7

Decoding the Matrix -

Creating a New Reality

Max Igan


The world of today is run by governmental systems populated by psychopaths hell bent on either enslaving the entire human species or leaving this earth as a scorched and polluted graveyard in their wake and the time has come to take the matter in hand. It is no longer possible to ignore this situation or to stay on the sidelines as a passive observer. The time has come for people to act.

During the course of this presentation, Max will demonstrate the systems used to control and enslave the populations and offer workable remedies that may be used to gain emancipation from the control grid. As we enter into 2016 the situation could not be more urgent nor the timing of be more crucial.

The biggest conspiracy of all is the idea that the individual does not have the power to create change.


Max Igan currently resides in a remote valley in Southern Queensland, Australia. Max originally restricted himself to his Crowhouse podcasts preferring the relative anonymity of this particular medium. However, the popularity of Max's broadcasts led to numerous invitations to speak at various events across the globe. Fortunately Max agreed and has been sharing his insight and observations with live audiences for the past three years. Max has produced two full-length films, 'The Awakening' (2011) & 'Trance-Formation' (2012), both of which have been widely acclaimed and watched by well over one million viewers worldwide. The AV6 Speakers list would not have been complete without the unique contribution of Max Igan.


Max Igan interview on HUMANITY vs INSANITY