AV11 : Thomas Sheridan - Don't Fear the Digital Reaper

Don't Fear the Digital Reaper


Thomas Sheridan


In recent times, the ominous vista of having our lives completely controlled and regulated by technology has come into view with startling speed. The internet is filled with videos of terrifying robots and other manifestations of the technocratic utopians. While at times it may seem as if we have no control over our destiny, the fact is, that the underlying insanity of the individuals and agencies behind the trans- and post-humanist cults will be their ultimate undoing.

Thomas Sheridan will dissect this topic to show that while - on the surface - these transhumanists portray themselves as atheists, they are very much under the influence of a biblical neurosis which keeps them seeking a new version of ‘the Promised Land’. They are not driven by logic or altruism. They are driven by a dogmatic imprinting leading them towards – what they assume – will be a fertile crescent of AI, space colonisation and eternal life ... If you have enough money!

The reality, these technocrats have no idea what it is to be alive to begin with. There will be no transubstantiation nor Revelations for the Technocratic elite. They have more to fear from our humanity, than we have to fear from their techno-Exodus insanity. More importantly, these AI gurus and robotic cultists may well be unknowingly working for a force that is neither human, nor has the technocratic fanatics best interests at heart... Thomas Sheridan will explore everything from mythology, to the occult, to the history of science fiction and automatons to demonstrate that we are far from being made into slaves for the digital djinn and their billionaire meat golems. Our greatest weapons are our humanity ... and our refusal to participate in their distopian vision!


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