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Friday 15th May to Monday 18th May 2014

Staverton Park Hotel, Daventry Road, Staverton, Northamptonshire NN11 6JT, England


 From 2008 to 2014, five 'AV' gatherings gave those assembled a look 'over the fence' at the reality which surrounds the bubble of propaganda and misinformation, which confronts us all on a day-to-day basis. Theses events are weekends away, a chance to swap information with like-minded people, to network, to form alliances, and are certainly not just a series of lectures.

Many wise words have been spoken at past AV events; words which perhaps seemed fantastical at the time, yet have now become part of the awakened consciousness of those who have chosen to look beyond what we are told in the mainstream media.

So many issues are now surfacing from the depths, to be seen in public view. The establishment are fighting a rearguard action to keep the lid on so many issues, but the truth is seeping out on all fronts. Fracking, institutionalised paedophilia, political and corporate corruption, the poisoning of our food and water. All of it influenced by the 'Big' cartels working together to prove that the few really can control the many - Big Pharma, Big Farmer, Big Finance.

With more and more people becoming frustrated by not knowing what to do with the knowledge they have acquired, the time is right for the return of The Alternative View. Yes, you'll have plenty of well-researched evidence and facts to ponder, regarding what is really going on around us. The added ingredient will be how to use this knowledge to make a difference, to accelerate the change, the 'paradigm shift' which we all know is just around the corner.

The Alternative View will deliver on the promise to not be just an event, but develop upon the foundations of a wider community. We will facilitate a community of shared values which supports, nurtures and encourages an alternative sustainable existence. An existence which does not differentiate between race or creed, but is founded upon mutual respect, understanding and support.

If you are visiting this website, you probably already know that something is not quite right in how events are being portrayed. This conference is all-encompassing; by joining us from Friday evening through until Monday morning will you not only see the entire ‘Big Picture’ unfolding in front of you but also perhaps see the role you can play in bringing about the changes that we ALL know we need to see!

Due to limits in numbers we can cater for, only packages for the full weekend are available. We have deliberately chosen a central location to respond to feedback we have received, so that for anyone, anywhere in the UK, it's not that far to travel. It is not an experience suitable for 'day trippers', or those only wishing to come along to see just one or two speakers. The line-up is being chosen so that, when combined, the entire scope of what is facing us will be understood.

Indeed, why would you want to only come along for part of this jigsaw of revelation? Bring your partners with you - even if the subject matter is not to their liking, then the venue's excellent leisure facilities will keep them occupied, while you gain the tools you need to help spread the word. Even if you live locally, you will be missing out if you're not with us for the whole of the conference weekend, so there's no opting-out of taking up the accommodation. The price will be the same whether you stop one, two or three nights - the ultimate encouragement to immerse yourself fully on the scope of interaction that is on offer.

For many it might be just a weekend away, but at another level it's the next part of your journey...

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