AV11.1 - Thomas Sheridan

Reasons to be Cheerful Part 2020 and Beyond

Thomas Sheridan returns to AV with a positive message regarding the role that - as individuals - we can all begin to decouple ourselves from the on-coming Technocratic Globalist’s ‘Smart’ ghetto by developing an emerging Parallel Society. Firstly within ourselves by our creativity and maintaining a sense of humour, and then gathering – by osmosis – into tribes of Consciousness Dissidents. Who will exist almost like a new type of native tribe – within, but not controlled by the emerging paradigm currently being set up by the psychopathic plutocrats and obnoxious oligarchs which they are presently piggy-backing upon the Covid-19 mass hysteria. This will be an inspiring and useful presentation on literally using their matrix to hack itself from within.

Website: www.mossuponstones.com