AV11.1 - Gary Fraughen

Noah was a Conspiracy Theorist ... then it started to Rain!

Gary's Occultism reveals continue with further focus in Etymology of the crown, the state and the secrets of the mystery schools. 

The distraction of the “lock-up” of humanity exposes a quickening of events at a juggernaut pace, headlong towards our destruction if not arrested.  

Throughout history, typically every third or fifth generation has had to fight wars, diseases and significant events and now it’s our turn!   

From numbers to dates and events, the patterns are pointing to a frightening conclusion.  Our legal standing has changed, the world economy is shipwrecked, and confusion has become our existence.
The destination can become clear if the direction understood, therefore, making it possible to predict the intentions of the purveyors of power.  

The shaping of events today will be remembered long after we expire, and our descendants depend upon the choices we make here and now through good judgement, discussion and awareness!