AV11.1 - Debi Evans

2020 VISION........ (In plain sight)

In these strange Dystopian times, have you been viewing the world through Rose Coloured glasses? 

Taking for granted what we see and hear?  Have we been so absorbed in our own hectic lives, getting caught up in the 'FEAR AGENDA' to such an extent, that we have lost our true sense of reality and are failing to engage even rudimentary discretion & discernment?

What’s really happening behind the smokescreen of a manufactured Pandemic?  Are we being told the truth?  Are we being lied to? Has ALL that we have been taught all of our lives been a lie?

What is a ‘PANdemic’?  Is life just one giant PANopticon?  Are we living in PANdemonium after lifting the lid from PANdora’s box?  Is this causing PANic?  Who is PAN?  What really lies beneath the surface?
Why do we need a vaccine for a ‘virus’ that over 99% of the population recover from?
Who are these people licensed to point guns to heads?
Since when do we test healthy people and ignore the sick?  Are the effects of lockup worse than the “disease”?  Who produces the Suicide data for U.K.?  Where is that data?  Who are WHO?  Why are the offices of the United Nations in Switzerland and New York deserted?  If masks and social distancing works, why are we locked down?  If Covid so dangerous where are the biohazard bins to safely dispose of masks?  Is the PCR test reliable?  Are nasopharyngeal swabs necessary if throat swabs can be performed?  What is DARPA? What is ARPA?   What is the “Green Clean Deal”?
Do we trust what we hear?  Perhaps something within you is stirring and telling you time is running out? 

Waking up to the reality is our only option.  Seeing is believing, once seen you can’t un-see .
Who is in the shadows yet in plain sight?  In my AV11.1 presentation, I will explore all of the above and more.  
Question everything!!!

Debi Evans Biography

I am a retired SRN living in Cornwall. I have 5 grown up children and 3 grandchildren.  I was born and raised in London.  I completed my training at the Royal Free Hospital London and St Bartholomew's Hospital London, studying Endocrinology and Metabolics alongside the world expert Professor Sir Michael Besser.     

I was also trained in Ear, Nose and Throat and was an Operating Theatre Nursing Sister at The Royal Free Hospital.  Since leaving clinical practice I went onto gain a PG Cert Autism at Birmingham University and work as a pro bono qualified Autism Advocate.  I served as a Government Advisor on the Autism Programme Board chaired by The Secretary of State at the Department of Health, Richmond House, Westminster between 2010-2015 and contributed to “Think Autism” The Statutory Guidance for the Autism Act 2009. I have been in the dusty corridors of Westminster and seen first hand how our Government operate.   I ran a pro bono one woman Autism Charity for 10yrs and supported over 200 families.

Since then I have been researching virus’ paying special attention to another RNA virus Hepatitis E. I was privileged to be working alongside world experts.

Researching is in my blood. I have a critical mind and an inquiring brain. I love to ask questions, challenge and learn.  I seek truth and evidence and can’t abide injustice and lies.