AV11.1 Brian Gerrish

On the Rise of the Psychological State ...
and Why We Need to Stop it!

My talk for AV11.1 is entitled “On the Rise of the Psychological State.” I was inspired by this title, and I will duly give thanks to those individuals that helped me find it.  I will add that I only found those individuals and the title, as I continued my personal journey to try and understand what is happening around us in these extraordinary times. It may be a little longer, but in essence my own journey of searching, discovering and learning, has now covered 20 years. Along the way I have discovered much through my own endeavours and life experiences, and undoubtedly much more through reading, watching and studying the efforts of many others. Some are sadly no longer with us, some are still beavering away on the same journey, albeit on a different if parallel path. Some are my fellow speakers at this event, and for that fellowship and the company of you, our audience, I am extremely grateful.

Technically speaking, I am unqualified to give my presentation, because I am professionally unqualified in psychology. So my talk will be based on my own knowledge, experience and understanding, mixed, I hope, with a good measure of common sense, and supported by the facts and evidence I see around me. Perhaps I don’t have to worry too much because psychology is not a science - or is it? Oh dear, that question may have put the cat amongst a few psychological pigeons!

Who knows anything about the ‘Psychological’ State? Clearly some trained professional psychologists do, as they are helping to create it. But most people are simply unaware of the true nature of the psychological beast being assembled around us. Over the years it has given a little glimpse of itself here, and a little more there, but overall it has grown in the shadows, or sometimes in plain sight, cloaked by a language of confusion and deceit. Speaking of language, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”, is an old adage well known to most of us as the riposte to the school playground bully. Sadly I would suggest that the idea is untrue. Not only can words break people they can also break nations as well. For we can spell words and words can also create spells. If in the beginning the word was with God, is that still true of the words that surround us today in 2020, or is something else at work?

At this point I gently introduce the idea that if politics is a man ‘science’ delivered by words, then perhaps we can also imagine that politics may also be able to deliver spells. But what form would those spells take and what damage could they do? Have you read Mindspace? Are you even aware that the UK government declared in 2010 that it could change the way we think and behave, and we would not necessarily know that this had been done to us. Or if we realise our behaviour has been changed - we would not necessarily know how it had been done. By magic? If you are not aware of this devious and dangerous political agenda, join me to learn about the Rise of the Psychological State. In learning that such a political State exists, you will be much better armed and protected to defend yourself and your family, from its malicious political psychology, and its opiates including Mindfulness and the Structure of Magic.