AV11.1 - Alex Thomson

Independence from the Beast

Alex's talk at AV11 presented the unpalatable but inevitable conclusion that no liberty is going to come our way from the state. Institutions and professional fraternities that depend on any branch of government or national treasury are irredeemably corrupted. Mind control, globalism and tyranny are firmly entrenched in administrations, NGOs, banks, charities, religious denominations, emergency services and corporations. Bad post holders in each of these walks of life are training up their successors to outdo them in badness.

Secession is a dirty word to many and seems a pipe dream to many more, particularly in Europe. However, the quiet reality of living without the state has been a reality even in the late twentieth century in pockets of Western Europe: parts of Northern Ireland, France and Italy have survived what their local population regarded as a hostile occupation by getting on with their lives as communities with their own trade, monetary system, health care, education and rule of law. One might be inclined to write off the Ulster and Italian examples as evil mafia setups — but would that do justice to the areas in the French Midi that quietly got on with wartime life substantially untroubled by the Wehrmacht? What about parts of the Alpine countries and of the USA to which the writ of the state does not effectively run even now?

Alex will review how modern examples of effective secession have succeeded in the face of a technically advanced Big Brother: the unifying factor is that the seceding communities kept a low profile, understood their heritage, and held their own members to standards of lawfulness and custom. Well-ordered secession is not just possible but imperative in this evil day: it will often not even necessitate moving house, but it does have its own set of prerequisites and is an altogether different proposition from anarchy. Naturally, it also entails being prepared to live with few or no digital aids, no mainstream insurance and little physical infrastructure — but some quite substantial (mostly religious) communities across the developed world are already doing this under the radar.

Above all, spirituality is needed to keep such a self-sufficient community together: not a test of religious creed, but a knowledge of what evil is and how to shun it. Alex will examine the three channels of evil that wreck a community by subverting perception and establishing unlawful authority: the physical channelling of evil (sorcery), the mental channelling of evil (divination) and the spiritual channelling of evil (witchcraft). A community that intends to ignore Big Brother needs to agree resolutely on how to plug up those channels.