AV11 - John Hickman - OMEGA B : Dis-EASE Agenda


The Dis-EASE Agenda

John Hickman


NOTE : This is the synopsis of John Hickman's AV11 presentation ... John will also be hosting the 'AV : In The Wild' ONE DAY workshop on Tuesday 5th May 2020. There are limited places available on John's Tuesday Workshop, for tickets & more info, CLICK HERE.

The OMEGA B Dis-EASE Agenda

Humanity is under attack from big corporate interests in many ways; one of the ways is through the food we eat . 
Do we really know what we are consuming is safe to eat?
Do we have sickness because of ageing or is there something else going on?
We have all heard of Omega 3, 6 and 9 but what are they and what role do they really play in the human body?
The Omega 6 agenda  will be a look into the history of human disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, muscular degeneration.

Did the major diseases of today exist in the past? The history of fat and fatty acids and why the 3 6 and 9 ratio has completely changed and for what reason. 

Two hundred million people will be going blind due to macular degeneration this year; can all this disease be avoided? 

Money is being made out of human sickness ... and this has to stop! 

We need to know what the secret poisons are in are food so we can vote with are money and force big industry to change ... failure to do so will be catastrophic for future generations!



John Hickamn left school and spent seven years studying horticulture; after which he became a Tree Surgeon

John has studied Martial arts for over 20 years and is accomplished in both Wing Chung and western boxing, whilst also practising Yoga for over a decade.

All of which was excellent preparation for his leisure pursuits in which he has excelled in many extreme sports  BMX  kayaking surfing bike trials

A proficient and accomplished Carpenter for over 20 years, John has crafted his own knives for the past 9 years & 5 years of mineral casting and forging.

John has dedicated many years to developing bushcraft and off grid living; five of those years spent living in a self built underground house .
Surviving those years by hunting with different types of weapons.

John has spent the past seven years studying primitive living skills, utilising primitive tanning methods and living in full survival situations
producing durable clothing, bags & boots.

John interest extend to studying healthy nutrition, psychology and ... Globalist power structures!