AV11 - Gary Fraughen

Gary Fraughen

From a person to the Autodidactic Free Soul

Following on from his opening presentation at the AV10.1 on communication and language, contract use, Trust Law and Birth Certificates Gary continues his descent into the unsettling aspects of ceremonies, birthrights and Corporations and how it all began.

The spells of words being reined by rulers and how it affects the unsuspecting public with its legal and lawful standing so far in the year 2020.

More spells in secret societies, their court architecture and roles will be exposed alongside etymology of the COVID-19 lockdown and its associations with cabalist Phoenicia Satanism and human sacrifice.  While uncomfortable this journey in language and occultism in signs and sounds unwinds when the lumpenproletariat are given the codes and what we need to watch for in setting ourselves free.

Living entities apart from humans have been given relief to liberate the planet as Homo sapiens are caged, pollution is clearing, waterways are cleansing. The earth is taking a breath.

The nature of the imprisonment of the UK population in correlation with the tipping into martial law in the USA has created huge benefit unbeknown to the ruling elite.  People are educating themselves and their own children, neighbours are talking (some for the first time), games and circuses are no longer available as a distraction and the Internet has people questioning.  Press - titues are failing, newspapers aren’t selling and the mob is waking up to the fact that all nations are bankrupt both financially and morally. The reset has arrived.

Exposing the allegory of control and unveiling tacit imposed consent will result in change; in a new reality. A freethinking, self-questioning, educated soul frightens the controllers to their very core.

Age discretion is advised; particular aspects explained will not be for a younger audience.

Having worked in the construction industry all his life after 36 years on the front line, Gary Fraughen holds a first class science degree in surveying, is chartered and has countless awards, an impressive track record delivering multi million pound/dollar developments in civil engineering, architecture, ecclesiastical, special gov contract and disaster recovery work. Having taking expert witness roles for court proceedings an interest in language and etymology was sparked. This led him into understanding court documents and reading Latin. Translating languages of the dead which we use everyday but have been usurped into legalese.