AV11 - Dr Graham Downing - The Path to FREEDOM

HOPE & FEAR ... The Path to FREEDOM


Dr Graham Downing


Once again we find ourselves at yet another precipice; will Humanity be devastated or will it survive? 

As I write this, the current threat is the virus COVID19. At previous AV events it was some other global threat eg Ebola or Zika or Geopolitical wars; just pick a Middle Eastern country.

The almost constant threat that Humanity is under, takes a toll that some cannot pay easily. In truth, both damage us all and distorts our judgement. Making it easier for us to be manipulated.

And those subtle shifts here and there can massively change Humanity’s direction for the worse.

How do we decode this; how do we change this; and more importantly how do we effectively move forward as a force for good in this World?

Using current and past events, let’s take a deep dive into the matrix and discover how fear and hope can not only be controlled but also used to deliver a better, freer world; not only for us but also for those that are still waiting to be born. It’s time for humanity to be free from the chains of fear.