AV11 - Brian Gerrish - ... Speaking TRUTH is a Revolutionary Act

'In a time of Universal Deceit, telling the TRUTH is a Revolutionary Act'

On Saturday 29th February 2020 I bought the Daily Mail. I paid £1.10 for it and I sinned. I admit it. I could have bought a range of other papers, but would still have been guilty of the same sin. I had put my money into the hands of those that fail to tell the truth. But I couldn't resist their front page headline which screamed, "Emergency Laws in War on Virus." The Mail was especially excited as it added ... "The outbreak claimed its first British life yesterday."

Of course death is such a popular topic nowadays for the Daily Mail and the media in general!

Subsequent pages screamed and shouted their messages...."£250bn Corona Blow to UK Shares" ...."Absent fathers are fuelling knife crime" ..."Chlorine Chicken goes off the menu" ..."Was Boris's neighbour killed by a gun from her own armoury?" ... "More flood misery as Jorge comes howling in" ..."Greta's Green Disciples" ..."400,000 Volunteer army of litter pickers" ... "£10m Barclays Fraud Probe Farce" ... "When even doctors can't speak freely we should fear the mob" ... "Age for cashing in pension to be raised to 57" ... "Ryanair Carbon Cop-out" ..."Migrant crisis explodes" ..."War of the Wild" ...."Top judge's backing for unisex loos" ... oh and ..."The day evil knocked at the cottage door."

The Daily Mail with its Weekend magazine, and minor advert brochures, was 571 grams of depressing junk reporting, spin, propaganda, half truths and downright lies. I'm sure there was some truth, but it was difficult to tell where. Is it true that it weighed 571 grams? Yes. I took the trouble to weigh it on scales that I already knew to be accurate, and which I trusted based on earlier measurements of weight, including known weights.

'In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act' - well so the quote goes. Clearly the Daily Mail and its paper partners, and the wider media, are NOT revolutionary as they are not telling the truth, and that is why we need the Truth Movement. But what is the Truth Movement fighting, and is the Truth Movement true to itself, and if not, why not?  Are we true to ourselves and to others? Do we need to be?  What is the truth? Why should we seek it? Join me for a challenging ride into whether it is true that we are who we say we are, and why truth is key to both the Truth Movement, and stopping evil knocking at the cottage door.

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