AV11 and AV11.1 Complete Set (24 DVDs)

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Shipping Date: 14th December 2020
Includes BONUS FREE Workshops DVD set (6 DVDs)

Vol 1
AV11 - May 2020
'n an Age of Deceit, speaking TRUTH is a Revolutionary Act!
The Hidden Dirty Secrets of the Water Industry
OMEGA B - The Dis-EASE Agenda
The West's New China Syndrome & Flu World Order
Don't Fear the Digital Reaper
Planetary Lockdown as Locusts Signal a Return of Thousand Year Rain Cycles
and Economic Reset
DVD 7 : Mike Robinson
EU Defence Union Topping Out
Exposing Corruption in the Corporatist State
Vol 2
‘Hope & Fear ... The Path to Freedom’
From a Person to the Autodidactic Free Soul
WWIII, globalists versus the world population
The Victorious Mindset for the Long Haul
DVD 5 :David Noakes and Ian R Crane
Lives less ordinary
AV11.1 - November 2020
On the Rise of the Psychological State ...
and Why We Need to Stop it! (part 1)
Independence from the Beast
On the Rise of the Psychological State ...
and Why We Need to Stop it! (part 2)
Vol 3
Is Australia the Blueprint
for Total State Controlled Lockdown?
Report on Life from the Worlds Biggest Prison
Challenging the DEEP STATE In Ireland ...
& the World’s First Constitutional
Challenge Against Lockdown
COVID-19 is Nothing but a MASK ...
for a Multi-Century Crop Loss Cycle!
2020 VISION ... (In plain sight)
Noah was a Conspiracy Theorist ...
then it started to Rain!
More Language Revelations exposing the multi-generation control agenda!
Reasons to be Cheerful ...
Part 2020 and Beyond
'Fake Alien Invasion?'
OR ... are those who believes themselves to be our "rightful rulers" about to be revealed
AV11 Workshops (Free Bonus 6 x DVD Box Set)
DVD 1 : Workshop - John Hickman
DVD 2 : Workshop - Gary Fraughen
DVD 3 : Workshop - Dr Graham Downing
DVD 4 : Workshop - Patrick Henningsen
DVD 6 : Ian R Crane - Freedom Summits (November 2014)