AV11 - Alex Thomson

Alex Thomson

The Victorious Mindset for the Long Haul

The Alternative View 11 speakers have presented a multi-faceted vision of what is to come and what is already here: weaponised fear, our bodies made as frail as possible, our minds either sucked into a cloud or sucked out to leave us as drones, our governments broken down and reabsorbed into a global beast, our planet unable to nourish us.

Need we be defeatist in the face of such overwhelming evil — an evil that, as every Alternative View event has set out, is massively co-ordinated and whose dismal plans are closer than ever to apparent fruition?

Alex Thomson will argue that we need not, and indeed must not. Without selling false hope, Alex will set out how individuals and small groups can pace themselves for the unrelenting slog of continuing to assert their existence, their values and their inalienable rights and can score little wins that snowball into great victories by staying true to all that they know is good and right.

"Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."