Mission Statement

To advance awareness and facilitate discussion of Political, Scientific and Spiritual alternatives without constraint by Consensus Reality and/or Received Wisdom.

Mankind is at a fork in the road. Ahead, potentially, is an Orwellian nightmare, or an opportunity to participate in creating a new beginning for our world. If you are visiting this website, you probably already know that something is not quite right in how events are being portrayed.

There is a co-ordinated effort by our world leaders (elected and unelected), with the willing help of a corporate controlled mass media, to use manufactured global crises to create what they term a ‘New World Order’. You’ve heard that term in the media but what does it mean? Simply this: A Global Corporatist super state, controlled by a World Government, policed by a World Army, with a single World Currency… and a single world Religion!

There is, however, an Alternative View. An alternative which will be mapped out at AV events, after we have shown our delegates - through well researched evidence and facts - what is really going on around us.

The Alternative View is not just an event, it’s a Community. Our aim is to facilitate a community of shared values which supports, nurtures and encourages an alternative sustainable existence. An existence that does not differentiate between race or creed but which is founded upon mutual respect, understanding and support.