Alternative View 8 DVD Collection

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AV8 - 16 DVD Box Set

Alternative View Conferences are the only events of this genre where ALL participants are under the same roof for the duration of the event; and where all the speakers are available for informal conversation throughout the event.

"The speakers and the audience represented almost every demographic imaginable. People from all parts of the social spectrum, almost every political persuasion and varying religious and philosophical viewpoints came together together at AV8, united in their knowledge that ‘something isn’t right!' " - Ian R Crane 


Disk 1:  Brian Gerrish
The Cult of Transformational NuSpeak

Disk 2:  'Esoteric Del' Henry
Esoteric Banking & the Corporate Curia Connection

Disk 3:  Field McConnall 
PizzaGate & Paedophilia : The Global Control Network

Disk 4 :  Tony Wright
Children of the Forest : The Symbiotic Birth of Humanity

Disk 5 : Judyth Vary Baker
Weaponised Cancer : The Weapon, the Monopoly & the Goldmine

Disk 6 : Dr Graham Downing
Global Pandemic : The 'BILL GATES' Agenda

Disk 7 : Dr Graham Downing
Artificial Intelligence : The War on Consciousness

Disk 8 : BONUS DISK - The Nephilim, Disclosure & Trans-Humanism : Ian R Crane takes a look at the evidence for the suppression of ancient human contact with off-planet intelligences. The knowledge that these interactions between 'extra-terrestrials' and humanity in the period up to ~ 2000 BC is interwoven into the traditions and stories of the abrahmic religions. The influence of these beliefs cannot be under-estimated as Ian looks at the implications for contemporary geopolitics and as well as exopolitics.

Ian R Crane presented "The Nephilim, Disclosure & Trans-Humanism" at the University of Leeds on Friday August 5th, 2011.


Disk 1:  Judyth Vary Baker
Lee Harvey Oswald : The Man They HAD to Kill

Disk 2 : Patrick Henningsen
FAKE NEWS : Who Will survive the LameStream Fallout?

Disk 3 :  Olsi Jazexhi
From SOROS to BLAIR : Pillaging the Wealth of Nations

Disk 4 : Piers Corbyn
MAN-MADE Global Warming is a HOAX : Pillaging the Wealth of Nations!

Disk 5 : Thomas Sheridan
The Purgatory Mill

Disk 6 : Max Igan
Which Path to Freedom? : Looking behind the Veil

Disk 7 : Ian R Crane
Can YOU Feel the Winds of Change : Community Activism vs The Corporatocracy

Disk 8 : BONUS DISK : Ian R Crane presents 'The False Flag Agenda' : Recorded in London on the 10th anniversary of 7/7 ... MILLIONS of people are now aware of the multiple deceptions perpetrated by the Ruling Parasites; however, there is still much to do if HUMANITY is to overcome the destructive socio-psychopathic Global Corporatist agenda!