Alternative View 5 DVD Collection

Price: £49.99

Order the AV5 DVD Collection and enjoy 12 fantastic presentations from some of the best researchers in their fields from this outstanding truth event. Makes an ideal gift for friends and family and a great memento for those who attended.

This 2 box set includes:

  • alex:g - The Realities in the latest Screen Fiction
  • Brian Gerrish -Common Sense: The antidote to the Common Purpose
  • David Boyle - Everything you thought you knew ... IS WRONG!
  • Simon Welsh - Life's a Journey
  • Roger Hayes - Bankster Mortgage Fraud
  • Thomas Sheridan - The Shock Doctrine
  • Michael Doherty - Police Corruption and Intimidation
  • Simon Welsh - Poet extraordinaire
  • Dr Graham Dowling - Neuro-musculoskeletal & Functional Medicine
  • Ian R Crane - Humanity vs Insanity: The Fight Back!
  • Mike Mitcham - The 'SMART' Agenda
  • Neil Sanders - The Art of Creating Reality
  • Patrick Henningsen - Bending Reality