Alternative View 3 DVD Collection

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The Alternative View 3 DVD Collection - (14 DVDs + Bonus Disks)

Vol 1

  • Cynthia McKinney: Awakening to Oppression
  • Brian Gerrish: Child Stealing By the State
  • Norman Baker MP: The Strange Death of Dr David Kelly
  • Trevor Gunn: Vaccination - The Evidence ... & Alternative Ways of Looking at Health
  • Dr Mae-Wan Ho: GM Genocide - The Terminator Gene & Farmer Suicides
  • Dr Leonid Sharashkin: The Return of Anastasia - Ringing Cedars' Silent Revolution
  • Greg Nickolettos: The Human Microchipping Agenda - Hypnotised into the Mainframe

Bonus DVD: Anthony J Hilder: The New World Odor (US spelling of 'Odour').

Vol 2

  • Andy Thomas: The Age of Media Smugness
  • Terry Boardman: The New World Order and the Esoteric Dimension of the 21st Century
  • Anthony J Hilder: The New World Order for Beginners
  • Dr Leonid Sharashkin: Re-Creating a Garden Planet
  • Cynthia McKinney: Palestine and Human Rights
  • Ian R Crane: The Green Agenda & Population Reduction
  • Speakers Forum: Andy Thomas, Trevor Gunn, Mae-Wan Ho and Greg Nickolettos address Audience Questions

Bonus DVD: We The People Will Not Be Chipped.

Filmed in Bristol - November 2009