About Us

The Alternative View conferences are the brainchild of deep geopolitical researcher Ian R Crane.

AV1 made its debut in May 2008 in Totnes, Cornwall, England.  AVII followed in Heathrow, London, in April 2009, AV3 was held in Bristol in October 2009, and Heathrow was again the location for AV4 in March 2010. AV5 & AV6 were held at Staverton Park, Nr Northampton in 2014 & 2015.

AV7 (2015) was the first event to be held at Horwood House, a few miles west of Milton Keynes. The quality of the venue and the exceptional staff have contributed significantly to AV8 & the forthcoming AV9 events being held at this stunning venue.

The previous eight events have brought together inspirational, informed and enlightened speakers from around the world. The information presented at the events, and captured on DVD & subsequently published on the Alternative View YouTube Channel stands the test of time, and is much as relevant today as the day it was recorded.

With AV9, we will again see a line-up of guests whose incisive material and unique styles of presentation will bring cutting-edge information to the assembled audience. There is no substitute to the atmosphere and networking that can be found at live events such as these.  With the chosen venue allowing everyone to escape from the outside world over four days, there has never been a better time to move to the next level in understanding the nature of reality, what is really going on behind the scenes, in the corridors of power ... and being with other like-minded people who not only realise that 'Something isn't right' but are also motivated to contribute to bringing about the changes WE ALL KNOW we need to see.