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Michael Shrimpton



An aviation intelligence specialist Michael has chosen an aviation theme for his presentation.  He will start with the sabotage by the German DVD of the world-bearing De Havilland Comet jet airliner in 1954, a topic covered in Chapter 21 of his book Spyhunter.

Michael will go on to look at the little-known sabotage incidents of US airliners as part of the German campaign to stop President John F. Kennedy replacing the German agent Allen Welsh Dulles as head of the CIA with a loyal American intelligence officer, John McCone. (In one of history’s greater ironies ‘Mac’ had been involved in the investigation into the assassination in 1944 of JFK’s elder brother Joe Jnr.)

Michael will re-examine the world’s greatest airline disaster, the 747 collision at Tenerife and go on to explain how TWA 800 was shot down. 

He will finish with an assessment of the AF447, MH370 and MH17 shoot-downs. 



Michael Shrimpton, born in the RAF Hospital Ely in 1957, is a British national security lawyer, famed for his part in securing the return of his client General Augusto Pinochet to Chile in 2000, and for his discovery of the notorious German black agency, the Deutscher Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD).  He also helped uncover the two largest bungs in British political history (over £100 million in total), both related to the European Union. 

Hated by the Cabinet Office, he was set up in a bogus political prosecution after he uncovered a plot by the DVD to attack the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games and sent to prison for 12 months in February 2015.  He is now fighting to clear his name, a process which will no doubt be helped by the passing to MI5 of the recordings of the telephone calls in question.  Before the police were called in the Ministry of Defence had deleted their recordings and destroyed a note of Michael’s briefing to them.  Ironically there were two warheads, not one, both of which have were recovered by the Americans.

Michael is well-published in the field.  Articles of his have appeared in specialist intelligence journals and his 700-page intelligence text Spyhunter was published by June Press in 2014.  He was an intelligence academic with the American Military University from 2007 until 2010, when he started to write Spyhunter.  He has spoken at a number of intelligence conferences, including the great Intelligence Conference (INTELCON) in Washington in 2005.  

He has been invited into both the White House and the Kremlin, and several intelligence headquarters.  He has visited over thirty countries and a majority of American states.  

A huge railway enthusiast, Michael is known for travelling by train when he can, e.g. from back from Moscow in 2005.  A former Bentley Turbo R owner, he is also a keen driver and has driven across the United States four times.  He is also an aviation enthusiast.  He did first solo in 1979 with the University of Wales Air Squadron (UWAS).  Gay and out, he lives with his partner somewhere in the South-West of England, dodging German spies and bent coppers.