Ian R Crane


Don't let the B******* Get You Down 

Let's Bring THEM Down ... Peacefully!!

Ian R Crane

It cannot have escaped your attention that the corporate agenda is being ramped up at a phenomenal pace. The rich are getting even richer, the Middle Classes are being saddled with ever increasing debt, whilst the working classes are being forced to compete for work in an ever-decreasing employment market. More people are on 'Minimum Wage' that at any time since records began an estimated 10% of the 'workforce' are 'employed' on ZERO hours contracts ('Slave Labour on Demand'), whilst falsely reducing the reported level of Unemployment.
Benefits are being sanctioned & Bedroom Taxes imposed to force people out of their homes. Seriously disabled and even the terminally ill are being evicted from social housing; creating an underclass that is then demonised in the lamestream media through such 'reality' shows as Benefits Street. The average Benefits fraud is less than £100, yet the average Banking fraud runs into millions. The underclass are pursued through the Courts for every last penny in their pockets, whilst the criminal elite walk freely amongst the corridors of assumed 'Power', thanks to the large financial donations made to their political puppets.

Meanwhile, the National Health Service is being deliberately destroyed to facilitate the privatisation of 'Healthcare'; with 'Care Pathways' now openly facilitating the euthanasia of 'Useless Eaters.'
Where is the compassion? Where is the Humanity? Where are the plans to restore the Country to full employment? How can people actually get any enjoyment out of life when they life in constant financial stress?

Community Activsim is already a major thorn in the side of the establishment ... and might just be the emerging catalyst we can develop to bring about the changes we  KNOW we need to see. The onus is on US to bring about the changes that we all know we need to see ... in both the material & the non-material realm!

The next five years will be absolutely seminal ... determining whether or not Humanity is lured collectively into the 'Corporate Mainframe' ... or begins the process of regaining Sovereignty over its collective Soul.

It really is TIME for HUMANITY to STAND UP and restore SANITY.
Are you with US ... or are you going to sit back and watch this Country (and the rest of the World) descend into a Corporatist HELL?



Ian R Crane is a former oilfield executive .... who for the past two and a half years has been focused primarily on his Fracking Awareness Campaign. The UK anti-fracking community has contributed significantly to the fact that the Country has remained 'Frack Free' since spring 2011. Ian recently released his first documentary, 'Voices from the Gasfields', which portrays the experiences of landowners who now live in the heart of the Gasfields of Southern Queensland, Australia.  He is the also the host of 'HUMANITY vs INSANITY' & 'FRACKING NIGHTMARE' both of which are broadcast on www.ukcolumn.org/live and can be viewed on YouTube.